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Welcome Lego Trains enthusiast,

My interest in Lego Trains began after I acquired my first LEGO MindStorms set. I wanted to have a Web Controlled Camera that could move around from stop to stop. But be able to always know where it was. LEGO train track seemed the right answer. I picked up set 4565 because it had the best cost ratio. Little did I know what would happen when I built this set and started playing with it... A couple of years later I have 8 train sets and over 200 feet of track in my collection. I also help out extensively with the Vancouver Lego Club (VLC) with their train displays.

Some of my Designs and Models...

Picture gallery of my Candadian National Diesel engine!

OLD Raw pictures of my oldRolling stock
My Working Lego MindStorms controlled Train Crossing
My Lego Cable Car Model
My attempt at an Inverted Hopper!
Quick Pictures of my RCX Controlled Train & Modified Motor pictures

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