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This is my rendition of a cable car. It is not modelled after any specific car, more of a general amalgamation of them all. A cable car is a caboose like item that grips the moving cable that runs between tracks. Kind of like a tow rope on a ski hill. This particular car is meant to be modelled after the purely mechanical era. All the lights on board are kerosene fuelled. Toss in some creative license and here you have it. :-)


You will notice a lot of Star Wars elements in this design. I'd been wanting to create a cable car for some time to work with my Mindstorms automated station design but found I could never get the roof just right. That was all solved with the droid fighter. The wings make the perfect roof! You may also notice the driver and seats from the flash speeder set and the front and back railings from the desert skiff.


Much of this design was influenced by my total lack of brown bricks. It was a constant give-and-take as I adjusted my design to fit my increasingly diminishing supply of brown. Since most cable cars do not turnaround I had to make the ends look the same. The cable grabber control stick is on the railing and is what the driver uses to control the rate of speed. The other handle next to the front/back railing is the brake.

I originally built this model from the top down. The challenge arose when it came time to attach the 9 V motor to the base. The 9 V motor has a large stem protruding from the top. This forced me to raise the entire model to accommodate this stem. I'm not entirely happy with how the motor is attached. Once I've accumulated more brown pieces I will make another attempt at it.


At the time the roof was a considerable challenge considering my shortage of bricks. You may be able to tell from the picture that I had to use many small brown plates whereas one large what would have been a lot easier. The roof is held together by a jigsaw puzzle approach. It is ultimately attached by the underside to the sides.

I quite enjoyed making this model and find, for some reason, that the more limited I am in my building material limitations the better my models.


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