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Welcome Lego enthusiast,

My interest in Lego began like almost everyone else's, getting my first set as a child, and becoming instantly hooked. I remember building away the many hours creating various structures, gizmos & contraptions. Now at age 30, I'm still just as hooked is ever. Having met my life mate Xandria, and mutually discovering we both shared a Lego past, we began buying each other sets.

Then just over 4 years ago I came across the MindStorms WebSite and discovered my dreams had come true, a Lego computer! It was at the time, of course, still in early beta and would be sometime before I could actually get my hands-on one. I remember immediately signing up to the mailing list and for the next year received sporadic reports on its progress. Then a great surprise came, I was chosen to be a beta tester and would receive a free MindStorm set! Then disaster struck! In the small print it stated that only U.S. citizens were eligible, and myself being Canadian, was exempt from the glory. Though the horrors, I survived. 3 years ago I acquired my first set as of October 21st '99. (And then the expansion packs and Scouts and Micro-Scouts etc etc etc. 8^) )

The most important thing I want to do with my MindStorm Lego is to perform things nobody else has, to think of things nobody else has done. And that's what this WebSite is all about. The "inventions" displayed on this site will be things, ideas & what-not that I have thought up.

Some of my Designs and Models...

My Home Brew Lego MindStorms Compatible Devices:

The Temperature Sensor!
The Resistor Switch Pad!
The Motor/Light Block!
The (MS)2 Expander (V1.0) - (MindStorms Motor/Sensor Expander) 6 Motor ports!

My MOC Designs/Inventions pictures: (That contain MindStorms)

My Working Lego MindStorms controlled Train Crossing
Old Quick Pictures of my RCX Controlled Train & Modified Motor pictures

One of the best Lego MindStorms information listings, please checkout the
Mindstorms NXT/RCX Sensor Input Page
by Michael Gasperi.
I highly recommend this site.

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