Our New Car!

The 2005 smart fortwo Passion coupe

Time elapsed since our new car arrived:
17 years, 306 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes, and 20 seconds ago

Status Checklist
Ordered from Dealership (Dec. 02/04)
Confirmed at Factory (Mar. 02/05)
Car Built at Factory (Apr. ~15/05)
Car Shipped from Factory (in France)
Car Loaded on Ship (Apr. 26/05 on UNDINE)
Car unloaded in Halifax Canada (May 06/05)
Car in transit on Train (Loaded May 12, 12:44)
Car unloaded at Annacis Island, New Westminister
--- (May 21, 05:00)
Car Received at Dealership (May 26, 11:30)
Car picked up by Us! (May 26, 18:00)
Vanity plates ordered (May 26, 19:00)
Vanity plates installed on car (Jul 15, 14:00)
Company Logo and info applied to Car! (Aug 13)

(we rented a pulse for a day!)
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We ordered the car from the Mercedes-Benz/smart Dealership at
1395 West Broadway in Vancouver.
Our smart specialists are: Lisa Powell & Tasi Gottschlag
Phone: 604 736-7411 ext. 306

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(items in BOLD italics are options we added to our car)

Fuel consumption: (Average liters per 100k)
city: 4,6 (standard mode), 4,6 (automatic mode)
highway: 3,7 (standard mode), 3,8 (automatic mode)
combined: 4,2 (standard mode), 4,2 (automatic mode)

3-cylinder cdi turbo diesel engine (799 cc) with charge air cooling (rear-mounted) rear wheel drive

4 Airbags, driver front and side, passenger front and side

softip - automated, sequential 6-speed transmission

softouch - automatic gear programme with kickdown function

Power Steering

styleline alloy wheels (front tires: 145/65 R 15; rear tires: 175/55 R 15)

air conditioning plus with exterior temperature indicator and frost warning

Glass roof (including sun screen)

Power windows

Electrically adjustable heated mirrors

Heated rear window

Rear window wiper

Cockpit clock and rev counter with black dials

smart sound package (2 tweeters, 2 bass-reflex speakers, frequency switcher)

Drawer under driver's seat (lockable)

All-weather floor mats

Vanity mirror in driver & passenger's sun visor

CD holder


Tire repair kit with compressor

Extras we have added:
Brabus Pedals
Brabus Front Spoiler in Tridon Silver
Brabus Rear Heatshield (pending)
smart Factory Fog Light Kit
Front Mud Flaps (pending)

(for the full specs see the smart website link below)

(Stock version)


smart Canada's Main Website (Have a look, a great read!)
- Crash Tests (see the vids!)
- 360 degree view of the exterior (wrong colour, but you'll get the idea. Click on the 600 x 400 link to see it better)
- 360 degree view of the interior (It's pretty close to ours except no leather on the chairs ;-). again, click on the 600 x 400 link to really see it.)
- 980 degree view of the interior (This lets you see the top and bottom of the insides of the car. This is a Brabus model so it's a bit different inside. The other very cool feature of this 980 degree view is you can zoom in on parts!)

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Last Updated 09/03/05 (Updated Main Image of our Car!)